AI – 10 Writing Features that Will Blow Your Mind

What if I told you that you could write ANYTHING – yes anything- just by having a few words that best describe a vague idea you have in your mind with the help of AI?


What I mean is that having a topic in your head is enough in order to generate a whole extensive article, a long blog, a social media caption, a website copy, and even a song!

Let’s face it, AI in writing has shown great progress in its ability to create high-quality content in a few seconds. And to be completely honest with you, I cannot differentiate when a text is written by AI and a human anymore! 


Exciting? Or Scary? 


In any case AI is here to stay and it is only getting better and better! So no more blank pages!


I recently had the chance to discover and start experimenting with the most amazing AI writing tool in my opinion.
Copy ai


As a result, I managed to create so many amazing things just by entering a few keyword ingredients and BOOM, just like that I had a full article or social media caption that was way better than what I would be able to come up with 😛

The results blew my mind every time.


From this point on, I had ZERO excuses for not writing new content every week…

So here are 10 features that will amaze you:



1. Write extensive articles with artificial intelligence



Go to  and look for the wizard!

Just enter the title of your blog, enter the most important keywords, the tone and the goal.

For instance, I find the option of setting the tone absolutely crazy, because it is essentially what differentiates a human from a computer! Right?

So as you can see, you can choose between a friendly, professional, witty tone or anything else that best matches one you want to adopt.

AI even has a sense of humor! Better than mine at least.



After you enter all this info, just click generate outline and in a few seconds you will have the main structure of your article!
The next step is to change whatever you need, and if you are happy with the result, you can hit generate content and you will have a complete, grammatically perfect article!


Mind Blowing.


So it is your turn to go and explore all the different possibilities this tool can offer you!


2. Create Your Dream Blog And Rank In The First Page of Google!



This is an absolute gem, as we all know that no matter how amazing and creative your blog is, nobody is going to read it unless it is on the first page of Google search.

And this is what makes all the difference.

Just go to, create a FREE account and look for Blog Ideas from the Blogs section.

Enter your product or brand name, describe it briefly using the main keywords that best describes it, set the tone, and hit create copy.

You will get hundreds of different copies of blog post ideas with the main keywords  that you have selected.

Then the rest is history, just save the blog post ideas, keep them in a sheet, and then go to  First Draft Wizard –the new magic tool- enter your blog title, set the keywords, the tone and goal and hit generate.

You will get the main structure of the blog,  the talking points, and if you are happy with them you can leave them as it is, but also edit them to your liking.




So the outline is now ready, and if you are happy with the results, click generate content and within seconds, you will have your entire blog post, ready to edit and post it on your blog!


I guarantee that if you do that 3 times per week consistently, the results will amaze you!






3. Start A Side Hustle by Creating Ad Copies for Facebook.


Did you know that there are tons of freelancers out there offering this service? 

Their task is to create an ad copy for Facebook, that will be persuasive, catchy, and highly converting.


Well offers this feature and I can honestly say that it is one of the most amazing discoveries that I made in 2022.


Within seconds, you can have tons of different variations of ad copies that you can choose from and you can then copy, save, or even make more like the ones you prefer.


Pure magic.


Just go to copy ai and look for Digital Ad Copy.

Then select Facebook primary text.

Enter your project title, the relevant website and let it do its magic.




4. Reply to Tons Of Emails With AI Without Losing Your Personal Touch.


Picture that..

You just came back from holidays after 2 weeks of laying down on the beach.

You sit on your chair and you switch on your computer again.

What you see is probably tons of emails waiting to be answered. I know you don’t feel like answering and neither do I. 


Well, has our back. AGAIN.

Just go to Email/Letter tools, select Follow up Email, write a few words regarding what  the email is about, set the tone, and voila!!

You get your copy in seconds ready to send away!

Did I just make your day or what?




5. A.I Can Help You Earn Some Money.


Imagine finding the next million dollar product idea… You can now achieve it with the help of artificial intelligence. Just go to brainstorming tools and select viral ideas.


Start by describing your product, the best way you can, create a copy and let it do its magic!


I am not overreacting, you will be surprised of how legit and truly innovative some of the ideas are and have a high potential of becoming viral.

If you find some ideas interesting enough, you can even start ‘’training’’ the algorithm by clicking the button ‘’more like this’’ in order to get even more ideas based on the ones you prefer!


So go on. Go to and who knows? Maybe you will find the next winning product that nobody has ever come up with before!


6. A.I Helps You Find the Best Business Names.


Are you starting your own business but you are truly stuck with the name?

There are certain rules that apply when looking for a great business name.


It should help your company stand out, and provide a plain canvas to paint your own meaning.


One way is to ask your friends and family to weigh in on your name ideas. Or you can just let it in the ‘’hands’’ of artificial intelligence.

Just go to and look for the name generator tool, describe briefly your product, and then hit create copy.

Copy ai will generate tons of different names for your business within seconds.

You can then check if there is an available domain for the name you picked, and also the social media accounts!!

Just like that you have your catchy business name ready!




7. Find the Best Video Ideas With


Okay, as a video creator, I sometimes find it quite challenging to come up with ideas for my next ones.

All fellow video creators have told me the same.


But for these days, I found the ultimate hack! I have discovered that you can also generate endless video ideas.

Just go to and look for YouTube titles or TikTok brainstorming Topics!

Describe in a few words what is the main topic about and create a copy.


You will have literally endless brainstorm topics to get inspired or even save the ones you like.

Last step? Click more like this and you will never ever run out of options!




8. Create the Best Social Media Captions.


Writing captions for social media sounds like the easiest task in the world right? It is just one short sentence summarising accurately what you need to say or describe your photo.

Nevertheless,  it is not that easy.
As it requires creativity as well as being able to capture the reader’s attention from the first seconds. has an incredible database of information that can help you generate the best captions for your social media posts and they are literally endless.


Just to give you an example.


I have to write a caption about the importance of psychotherapy sessions for our mental health.

Consequently, I just entered this sentence and as a result, I got in return tons of beautifully written captions such as the following:



Simple, touching, and to the point.
I liked this one so much that after that I clicked more like this to generate even more!


And here are the results:



I just love how these suggestions truly are similar to the one I selected in the beginning.


 Try it for yourself! You will be amazed. <3





9. A.I Helps You Create Amazing Analogies.


This is an amazing and totally underrated tool!

How many times have you wanted to combine two ideas that you had in your head, but you did not know how to bring them to life?


Now with the help of you can test your creativity!


Just go to the writing tools and search for the analogy generator.


In my case, I tried to combine digital marketing and gastronomy…

I could not believe how accurate and well written some of the suggestions were




Here is an example:


‘’Digital Marketing is a gastronomy in that: It requires the right tools, a bit of knowledge, and well-thought recipes’’.


Pretty awesome right?


10. This FREE Library is Full of Gems.


I think I kept the best one last.

In this magical library of artificial intelligence free tools, you can find everything you can think of, all conveniently gathered for you.


Just go to and let AI create a marketing copy for you.


Just input the needed data, and generate:

Instagram Captions, Product descriptions, content ideas, website Call To Action and so much more!


Just have a look for yourself!








While AI may not take the place of creative writing, it is conceivable that machines can be equipped with a form of creativity.

This creativity could be based on algorithms and data, which may reap better outcomes than the intelligence of human beings. Plus, machines are generally more consistent in generating creativity.

Machine learning will show how AI is helping writers craft better stories.

How to deal with such a situation? Instead of fearing AI’s entry into creative writing, we should welcome it as an enhancement to our abilities.

Because I don’t know about you, but I sometimes have a hard time coming up with stories. Thanks to AI, I can now let it do it for me. Just input the data and the rest is history!

To sum up, I hope you found all these different amazing AI features helpful and let me know what is your favorite tool from

Oh and I have one last question for you before I go.


Do you think that this article was written by me, or by artificial intelligence?  🙂