5 FREE ΑΙ Websites that will blow your mind!

I know you love artificial intelligence as much as I do! So in this video and blog post I have 5 amazing free AI websites that will blow your mind!


Its a fact that my most viral videos revolve around Artificial Intelligence so I decided to present them to you as well in this convenient article.


So enjoy these gems for free!




1. Magiceraser.io


Magiceraser is an amazing tool which helps you erase any unwanted things in seconds!


All you have to do is upload your photo, highlight the object that you want to disappear and voila!!



And the coolest thing is that not only you can remove objects from a photo, you can even remove letters and even your ex from a photo 😛


Try it out yourself! You can start with a free plan and upgrade for better quality results if you need a more detailed result!



2. Craiyon.com


Craiyon.com for me is one of the most sophisticated AI image generators out there.

This website is the proof that AI is getting wilder and wilder, as you can create an image that never existed before, just by entering the components that you have in your brain.

So I tried it my self and I entered

”space cat in glitter clothes” 

and this is what I got!




This is beyond fun and interesting as you can literally create a photo that does not exist anywhere!! Play around and watch your thoughts come to life and go a step further by  creating t-shirts with your unique images!!



3. Nightcafe.studio


Nightcafe is another gem that utilises artificial intelligence and it is a free tool to use and experiment on your own!

With this tool you can create insanely beautiful art in seconds, join an amazing AI Art community and even take part in challenges!


So all you have to do is choose your style, enter your unique text prompt and wait till magic happens!!


I just selected anime style and the prompt

”a woman standing in the water in sunset” 

and I got this AMAZING result



And another one: ‘‘Tokyo on fire” gave me these awesome results!!




You can even buy a print of your unique photo and frame it! How awesome is that?? A unique, and one piece only of basically your thoughts into a canvas.


It is like a dream or thought that you can paint and hang on your wall! I am mind-blown!






4. Play.ht


Play.ht is an amazing realistic text to speech tool that uses online artificial intelligence voice generation and the best synthetic voices.

You can create the most natural-sounding speed and download it as an MP3 and WAV audio files.


So no need for you to speak to the microphone if you are shy or if you do not feel like it!


All you have to do is enter your script, choose the voice and boom!!! Your sentence is generated instantly!


You have 20 free trials to start with and then of course you need to pay for a plan to get the full potential of the website!





5. Copy ai


Unfortunately one of my free AI tools that I presented in my video are no longer available online, so here is my absolute favourite that I know I am guilty of mentioning over and over again!!


Copy ai is honestly one of the most comprehensive and evolved copywriting tool that utilises artificial intelligence for writing ANYTHING you can imagine.

From product descriptions, editing, social media captions, article ideas, emails, even whole blog posts!! This tool can generate unique and easy to read content that keeps generating more and more of the content that you have chosen, so it will never get boring!! 


Have a look at the most important functionalities in this through video 


Try it out yourself and witness the countless options you have in copywriting! I cannot live without it!







So here are 5 Free AI Websites that will blow your mind as they blew up mine! 


And since I am curious, let me know in my video in the comments below, which one was your favourite!! I enjoyed playing around with them so much!


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Until next time, keep hustling!