5 Underrated income ideas- Make $5- $10K per month!

If you are looking for side hustles that can bring you money and you are willing to commit and put some work into it, then I have 5 underrated ideas for you to start earning money passively.


In this video of my long video series, I share with you all the websites that I trust, with real examples and that have enabled me to earn around $10K per month.


1. Monetize your social media messages and DMs.

This platform is probably one of the best ways to make money out of your followers’ questions.

Clueby enables you to create an account for free, set your rate, (how much your answer costs through a DM), then share your personal Clueby link and QR-code, add it in your videos, books or other printed media.


It even gives you an idea of how much you will earn!




You can withdraw your money anytime and the best part is that it doesn’t have to be a minimum. You can withdraw any amount within 48H via Stripe.


You can even book a demo with the team of Clueby that will show you how everything works and guide you through the set up.


Ask me anything!



2. Add amazing captions to others’ videos and start making money.


You might have seen captions on videos that are very eye-catching and different and I have people asking me every day how I make them stand out with colors that pop out and make people stop.


Guess what? You can also learn to do this on your own and not only for yourself, but for other people and offer it as a service to video creators out there.


Try out Captions on App Store for Apple users or CapCut that enables you to auto subtitle your video!! Isn’t that crazy?


You can use it either on your mobile or from any web environment. Next move will simply be to search for creators online, and just send them a message!!


Offer them examples of your caption creations and if you do that every day you will definitely get some clients!


3. Find platform-based work for any industry.


This is probably one of my favorite platforms for finding platform-based work, ranging from gig work and side hustles to platforms that can help you start a small business!!


Check out Sidehustlestack and choose between the categories that interest you and start today!


Bear in mind that it needs to fit your passion and skills. If you are not passionate about any of the following categories, it’s not gonna work for you.





4. Earn money from writing gigs with the help of AI.


Did you know that many many blogs are looking for guest writers and they are paying them for writing articles?


If you are one of those people that have a writing talent or just love to write, then this is the perfect side hustle for you!

Search for blogs that are looking for guest writers like the ones I show you on my video. So if you submit good content, you can really make good money out of it or even make it a full-time job!


So now… a little trick for you. You can either submit an article or blog post written by you, or go to Copy.ai and create one with the help of artificial intelligence!!

You know I love Copy.ai and I am using this tool all the time, so go on and give it a go!


5. Start and scale an Amazon career!


Last but not least, this must be one of the most powerful keyword tools on the market to access real amazon search volume data and find actionable keywords for your listings!


BookBolt helps you identify opportunities to become a publisher on Amazon Kindle, Amazon kdp which is the FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) version of Amazon for books, leaflets, notebooks, you name it.

So BookBolt helps you create everything you need from start to finish.




Hope you liked the ideas and more importantly give it a try. I promise you it’s worth it!

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Until next time, keep hustling!