500 FREE TOOLS that should be illegal – 5 websites

I know that you love free websites and free tools!

To make your business life easier, better…


So today I got 5 insane websites that collectively have more than 500 free tools for you to use to do literally anything! Seo tools, writing tools, video gems, audio editors, and some totally unexpected for you!


So watch till the end!




1. Find Video, Audio and Conversion Tools, In one Platform.

123Apps is an amazing free platform and chrome extension which is essentially a library full of different tools for content creators, social media managers, marketers, digital marketers, you name it!

It has 5 different categories such as video tools, audio tools, PDF tools, Converters as well as Utilities that contain countless options for you to discover and make your life easier!



Just have a look at all the different audio tools it offers!!




Most of these tools cost a lot to use in other platforms and you do not have to install anything to start! You just upload your files and edit away!!



2. This Is the Ultimate Library of My Tools Selection.


Find anything you need, organised, and reviewed per category. Websites, mobile apps, content creation tools, AI miracles… They are all here!



Go to SimplyDigital Tools and you can find all the tools that I have ever shown in my videos.


We have features so many tools for each category and we constantly update every week. Go check it out!


3. More Than 100 Free Tools to Dominate With Your Writing and SEO.


PrepostSEO is probably one of my favorite platforms for writing and education, domain tools, website management tools and other valuable stuff like Adsense calculator!! How awesome is that??


You can also find Article Rewriting tools (article spinners), where you can rewrite whole articles plagiarism free!



There is also a domain authority checker, where you can check the authority of your own website, and so many other amazing tools that can improve your SEO game, your blog, your backlinks etc.





4. This Is The Only Calculator You Need In Your Life.


Did you know that you can calculate almost ANYTHING you want with the help of this calculator library??


I was honestly blown away when I discovered Omni Calculator.

Here you can find more than 3000 free calculators about almost anything that needs calculating!


There is even an alien civilisation calculator, a Millionaire Calculator, a Dating theory calculator a Christmas Tree Calculator and so many more!! You NEED to play around with it!





5. Commontools Is an Amazing Library With Tools That Are Not Common At All!


Last but not least, CommonTools is another wonderful place where you can find tools if you are a teacher, a developer, a researcher, or just a curious cat!


CommonTools has over +100 simple and accurate tools to use online for your daily needs and it is free to use. You can explore all the different categories and even create a logo for free. For example look at those amazing programming tools!



Overall this is a great addition to your Bookmark page collection!




So here you go, I must have mentioned thousands and thousands of free online tools for you to use, play around and make your life easier!!


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Until next time, keep hustling!