Is this Mentoring Program a good fit for you?

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Do you feel lost, frustrated, stagnant in your business performance?

If you have detected the need for help from a more experienced person in business matters and matters of development of your business activity, you can get in touch with me in order to build together the support and cooperation plan that suits your needs and your goals.

The purpose of the consulting service is to identify what is preventing you and your business from growing Online, find new methods of promotion and see realistically and targeted the steps you need to get closer to your goals.

Whats included in our advisory consultations?


  • Weekling counseling meetings
  • Creation of a complete marketing plan & sales strategy
  • Measure results and evaluate actions on a permanent basis
  • Access to all Simply Digital Online tools
1 hour consultation
What Is Keeping You From Growing?
Lead Generation Strategy
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2 hours consultation package (-10%)
Full Marketing Strategy
5 Clear Action Steps
Business Planning & Funnel Analysis
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4 hours consultation package (-15%)
Scaling your business, growing your social media
We will find new ways to monetize your personal brand.
This is Weekly Program - 15% off vs individual call
You can use the 4 hours as per your preference (as frequently as u want)
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When I went to Konstantinos, I was completely lost.
I had so many ideas about my brand, but Konstantinos helped me narrow down my options and focus on my niche.
What I really loved about him is that he was very honest and very straight forward, not the usual consultant crap.
He made me feel special and respected my ideas. It was worth the money and my time. Thank you

Dina / Tigr_Co

I started following Konstantinos, all his tips and advice and it was a game changer! After I signed up for a consulting session, we got on a call, and quickly realised that Konstantinos was not only our consultant but also our social media marketing coach!

Nikitas Tsoukales / Realtop digital

When Konstantinos hit 1 Million Followers on TikTok, I invested in his course and I was blown away with the results that I got. I was able to take his tips, apply them into my video strategy and also helped a client reach from 10 followers to 1M on TikTok.

Sri / nexlevelconsulting

I was making good videos, but I really had no idea about how to take advantage of the opportunities held in social media. Having used many tools given by Konstantinos on his channel, I decided to reach out for a personal discussion. He helped me to clarify direction and get a better idea of how the industry and platforms works. I had 15k followers on Instagram at that time, and now I’m approaching 500k. He is a man with a plan and knows what he’s doing

Sid / Your Tour Guide

Your Tour Guide