What can you do with us?

Our Goal and your Goal is the same and it is Simple. We want to establish Brand Trust and Increase your Sales.
Everything starts and ends with that in mind. And in order t o do that we work on the below pillars:

Build your Brand – Define your strategy clearly & Simply

√ Let’s find your Brand Voice, Put together a Strategy, build your image, and do it consistently. We need a masterplan and something to stick to.

Revamp your Social Media & Create Killer Ads

√ The primary expression of your brand is Social Media & Content Creation – Distribution (Video, Articles, Posts). Let’s design your plan

Build your Digital Presence (Website & E-shop)

√ If you already have a website, we make sure that it converts. That all required elements are there. If you don’t have a digital presence, we create it for you.



Πατήστε στις παρακάτω εικόνες για να δείτε τα παραδείγματα

Want to talk? Call us at +30 213 025 1878 or +30 6974 054 947

About the Founder of Simply Digital: Konstantinos Synodinos

Konstantinos Synodinos, founder of SimplyDigital.gr is also the founder of the globally awarded startup, ChampionsID.com

Konstantinos has been awarded twice with the Greek Entrepreneurship award, has been a Marketing professor for the Greek Ministry of Sports and he an MBA Graduate from the University of Piraeus.

Konstantinos was honored to be also awarded as one of the top 32 entrepreneurs who got funded and recognized by the US Department of State in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit of 2016 in Silicon Valley (GES2016)

He has also worked as Marketing Manager for almost 10 years for Procter & Gamble & Diageo managing brands like Ariel, Duracell, Johnnie Walker, Braun, Pringles, Pantene, and others.

By Working choosing to work with Simply DIgital you get for free the Consulting Service from Konstantinos, regarding the best ways to grow your business.

Press References & Interview of Konstantinos

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