How I Exploded my TikTok Fast – 9 Secrets for 2 Million Followers in 1 Year

You keep asking how I managed to reach so many followers and what are the secrets to achieve this milestone!


Today I will share with you what helped me reach 2 Million of followers and the 3.5 Billion views, on TikTok in just 12 months! And let me tell you, what I learned from TikTok, I could then apply to all other platforms on social media, like shorts on YouTube and Instagram Reels.


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Now, it’s up to you to follow these steps and start monetise your following fast! 


And all this, is possible by creating short videos!




1. Set a time for TikTok


You probably know what this is all about. Yes, it is about consistency!!
I always talk about consistency as it is one of the most important components to reach any goal in life. No matter what it is.


So what I want you to do, is to prioritise making content for TikTok, by going to your calendar and booking a 1 or 2 hour slot -whatever is enough for you- by writing ”TikTok Time”. In this way, you will remind to yourself that you will have to sit down and create content for the next 6 months. For me, it was something like a bet, to show up every single day for the next 6 months and see what happens.

I also studies the platform and the culture, in order to understand how content is being created and consumed and also promised to myself that I should experiment and do not get disappointed if nothing came out of it.


So when I started, I tried to stop focusing on the numbers and just concentrate on becoming better. 



2. Understand the numbers.


For me, this is one of the most important aspects. I love numbers, that is how I made decisions, and how I always functioned. So after creating the first videos, I tried to understand the numbers through the analytics and insights, and I even created an excel sheet where I started capturing ratios of my likes vs views, saves vs watch-time and tried to make sense how these numbers influence the performance of my videos.


What I also did, was to compare the videos that performed and those that didn’t and kept capturing these numbers until I got my first viral videos.


But in order to get to that point, you need to start producing content without even caring if the numbers are right. So whatever the numbers show you, keep going, keep experimenting, as this is a crucial time determining your success.


So in this formula you can see what makes a video go viral. I am going to analyse it further as we go on.


3. Optimize your titles.


I must have spent 60% or 70% of the total time dedicated in creating a video, on determining what is the best title for every single one. Optimising the titles and finding intriguing names, is one of the most important elements in creating a successful video.


I remember that I even made some AB testings and created the same video with a different intro, posted them at the same time on my platform  just to see what works best with my audience.


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4. Do things that you see they work.


Did you notice that a specific style of video is more successful that the other? Then keep doing this!


And when I say, keep doing it, I don’t mean creating the same video over and over again, but coming up with a series of it. This is exactly what I did with my first viral video which was the birth of the series ”Websites I Wish I Knew Earlier!’ and got over 4M views.


After that, more ideas for titles that work surfaced, such as ”Websites you won’t believe exist” or ”Websites that should be illegal”.


After seeing my analytics I figured that it was better to break down a video in multiple ones like episodes and show 2 websites instead of 10 in a single one. And it worked!!


Because people LOVE SERIES! Like Netflix


So the more familiar people become to them and know what to expect, the better! And finally, probably the most important thing is that you brand yourself with these series, and it becomes your identity.





5. Identity!


I purposefully ended the previous sentence by mentioning the word identity.


All that you see here, are not secrets that are meant to be copied..They are secrets to follow in order to come up with your own creative content and be yourself. The world does not need 2 of me, it needs you. Exactly how you are, with your own personality and ideas.


So before you enter the platform or any other platform make sure you introduce yourself the right way, ignoring trends and find your voice. Just be authentic!! Stop chasing trends, and become one!





6. Keep it short.


Attention span was never shorter!! Sometimes your audience will not even give you 3 or 4 seconds. So make sure you get to the point fast and effectively.


So apart from a very catchy intro, we need to deliver valuable content within 20 to 35 seconds. Do not try to make a 20 second video from the beginning. Instead create the first video no matter how long it is, and then review it by cutting more and more from it until you reach the length that is required but also having included everything that is needed.


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If you can do the same thing in a shorter video, that is  great! Just make sure you add a catchy music track to match the energy and style of your content and you can never go wrong!




7. Simplify everything.


As I mentioned in the very start, consistency is the number one factor. If you want to give it a try you need to try it every day. I showed up every single day no matter what, for 6 months and then for another 6 months. So I have not missed a day since day 1.


In order to do so, you need to find a way to systemise your shooting routine. Do not complicate things and once you find a setup that works for you, keep following the same method. Keep your cameras same, use same ring lights, same shooting position.



You have probably seen on your own how my videos have same setup every single time. This is because I do not overcomplicate things and I am not trying to find a better and better way of doing things. Everything is pre defined.




8. Don’t try to monetise fast using the platform.


I understand that making money is extremely important, but if you start by having only this in your head, you are bound to fail. When I started I honestly had no expectations of getting millions of followers, let alone getting money from the platform, but after I reached 2 Million followers, or even after getting 600K followers , an extra income happened naturally.


Brands started contacting me as they wanted their products to be featured in my channel and work with me and my agency by even creating long term partnerships.


So all you have to do starting up, is try and answer all the key questions that your audience has. And how do you know the key questions of your audience? You either use your experience, or even if you do not have any, you can use valuable keyword research tools such as Answer Socrates, Ubersuggest or SEMRUSH to name a few ,enter your main keyword or niche, and you will get tons of different topics related to your type of content.


So write them down and start answering them by making a video!!!




9. Keep building on your successful videos.


When you finally find what works, then this is when you have found gold! Keep digging because there is more!! Try build on what you have already, by answering a comment with a video, making a similar video with a twist, or a different angle, and keep building up on this specific topic.



Creativity is key here and the more you exercise it the stronger it becomes.


So what looks tough for you in the beginning, such as ideas generation, I promise it will become super easy along the way






So here are the main 9 secrets on how I exploded my TikTok in one year, I hope you gained some value from this and that you will start creating your own amazing content, based on your own ideas and unique character!


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Until next time, keep hustling!